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Mastering Swift

Over the years, Mastering Swift has proven itself among developers as a popular choice for an in-depth and practical guide to the Swift programming language. This sixth edition in this series comes with the latest features, an overall revision to align with Swift 5.3, and two new chapters on building swift from source and advanced operators.  From the basics of the language to popular features such as concurrency, generics, and memory management, this in-depth guide will help you develop your expertise and mastery of the language.

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Protocol Oriented Programming

Protocol-oriented programming is an incredibly powerful concept which is at the heart of Swift's design. Swift's standard library was developed using protocol oriented techniques, generics, and first-class value semantics; therefore, it is important for every Swift developer to understand these core concepts and take advantage of them. The fourth edition of this book is improved and updated for the latest version of the Swift programming language.

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Mastering Arduino

Mastering Arduino is an all-in-one guide to getting the most out of your Arduino. This practical, no-nonsense guide teaches you all the electronics and programming skills that you need to create advanced Arduino projects. This book is packed full of real-world projects showing you how they can use sensors, motors, and other components to interact and communicate with the environment around the Arduino. The final two chapters discuss wireless technologies and how they can be used in your projects. 

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