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Mastering Arduino

Mastering Arduino is an all-in-one guide to getting the most out of your Arduino. This practical, no-nonsense guide teaches you all the electronics and programming skills that you need to create advanced Arduino projects. This book is packed full of real-world projects showing you how they can use sensors, motors, and other components to interact and communicate with the environment around the Arduino. The final two chapters discuss wireless technologies and how they can be used in your projects. 

The book begins with the basics of electronics, making sure that you understand components, circuits, and prototyping before moving on. It then performs the same function for code, getting you into the Arduino IDE and showing you how to connect the Arduino to a computer and run simple projects on your Arduino. 

Once the basics are out of the way, the next 10 chapters of the book focus on small projects centered around particular components, such as LCD displays, stepper motors, or voice synthesizers. Each of these chapters will get you familiar with the technology involved, how to build with it, how to program it, and how it can be used in your own projects. 

What you will learn
  • Explains the basics of electronics and circuits along with the Arduino IDE and basic C operations 

  • Use sensors to build a mini weather station 

  • Control LEDs using code 

  • Power a robot arm using stepper motors 

  • Remotely control your Arduino using RF, Bluetooth LE, and Bluetooth Classic 

  • Make a sound tone generator with buttons


Who this book is for

Mastering Arduino is for anybody who wants to experiment with an Arduino board and build simple projects. No prior knowledge is required, as the fundamentals of electronics and coding are covered in this book as well as advance projects.


Table of Contents

  1. The Arduino

  2. Basic Electronics

  3. Circuit Diagrams

  4. Basic Prototyping

  5. Arduino IDE

  6. Programming the Arduino - The Basics

  7. Programming the Arduino - Beyond the Basics

  8. Motion Sensor

  9. Environment Sensors

  10. Obstacle Avoidance and Collision Detection

  11. Fun with Lights

  12. Fun with Sound

  13. Using LCD Displays

  14. Speech Recognition and Voice Synthesizing

  15. DC Motors and Motor Controllers

  16. Servo Motors

  17. Using A Relay

  18. Remotely Controlling the Arduino

  19. Creating a Robot

  20. Bluetooth LE

  21. Bluetooth Classic

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